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Is that true wpm measures the speed of typing?

I’ve been researched a lot through forums, websites about wpm. And I heard a lot of people want to reach to 100 (wpm), or from 100 (wpm) to 150 (wpm). But what is words per minute anyway? Is that factor really measures your typing speed as we often thought?

The Fact about WPM

Most people often think that typing speed is measured in words per minute ( wpm ). Since words are not all the same it would not be fair to measure someone’s typing speed counting the actual number of words taken randomly. Consider the following cases:

  1. Simple words that all text is lower case. (often use in chatting with friends or colleague)
  2. Complex words from history, or poem, or lyrics, or transcript. (For writer, blogger, writing report)
  3. Words with punctuation and capitals. (often meet in the reality)
  4. Words from programming with a lot of special characters. (!@#$%^&*).


For each case, even they have the same number of words, but I can pretty sure that words per minute factor will different for each case if you take a test. Why?

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Source: Is that true wpm measures the speed of typing?

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